A Taste of St. Kitts

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St. Kitts’ delectable culinary offerings resuly from a blend of African, English, and French influences. The marketplace in Basseterre is brimming with fresh fruits such as mangoes, guavas, apples, wild strawberries, and cherries. Try chewing sugar directly from the came, and then indulge in some of the island’s prepared dishes.

Be sure to sample conkies, finger-licking desserts made of boiled rolled dough, filled with sweet potato, grated coconut, brown sugar, raisins, nutmeg, milk, and pumpkin, then wrapped and tied with banana leaves.

Another local treat is pelau, a slightly sweet delicacy made of cubed meat browned in hot oil and caramelized sugar, sautéed with garlic and onion, and combined with coconut milk and rice.

Goat-water stew is a flavorful concoction of cubed goat or lamb meat simmered in beef stock and spiced with thyme and curry.

Wash it all down with the locally produced CSP (Cane Spirits Rothschild). Distilled to a high purity using the island’s sugarcane and famously distilled water, it is described as a cross between vodka and white rum. Cheers.

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The St. Kitts Scenic Railway, originally built to transport sugarcane, takes you around the entire island for captivating views of historical sites and lush vegetation. After, you’ll sail aboard a luxury catamaran.

Enjoy 40 minutes of contact as you kiss, shake fins, and race through the gorgeous St. Kitts waters together.

Head to the historic Wingfield Estate for a thrilling, five-line zip-line course. Trek up the Valley of the Giants to the start. Soar high above the treetops before touching down at the landing points. View Brimstone Hill National Fortress, Mount Liamuiga, and the Caribbean along the way.

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