Go Wild in Skagway

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While Skagway’s history is the deserved focus of many tours, the surrounding wilderness is simply unmatched. Don’t pass up a chance to explore it. Flightseeing tours are arguably the best—and most invigorating—way to see the nearby glaciers. Helicopters lift off from near the Skagway harbor and fly into a sweeping subarctic alpine scene of steep canyon walls, forested plains, lush meadows, and stunning turquoise lakes. Be one of the few people to ever step foot on the surface of the ancient glaciers in this remote part of the world.

Explore the wonders of Chilkat Glacier, the cascading waterfalls that surround Ferebee Glacier, the marvelous river of ice known as Meade Glacier, and the intense-ice-blue facade of Davidson Glacier. Another way to get face-to-face with Skagway’s glacial side is to ply the waters of the Lynn Canal via high-speed jet catamaran, 30-foot-long canoe, or sturdy kayak, all the while watching for whales, sea lions, beavers, porpoises, and swooping bald eagles.

The Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve boasts the largest concentration of the national avian symbol of the United States. The protected habitat is situated about 20 miles from Skagway alongside the shallow, narrow, never-freezing Chilkat River. The flat-bottom river boats are an excellent way to see the eagles nesting in the black cottonwoods and to marvel at the views of the mountain peaks rising in the distance.

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Delight in Skagway’s breathtaking mountain scenery and explore the fascinating history of the area as you travel along the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad.

Embark on a dynamic helicopter ride as you soar high above Skagway’s rugged terrain before landing on Denver Glacier for an exhilarating dog-sledding voyage.

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