“That Yoda Guy” Movie Exhibit & Shop

19A Front Street
Philipsburg, St. Maarten

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Yoda, Darth Vader, and relics from Terminator and Men in Black. Unique Movie Insider Museum: founded by “That Yoda Guy,” Nick Maley, who assembled Yoda for Star Wars. 10 to 40% off Star Wars art and production memorabilia.

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2 Reviews for ““That Yoda Guy” Movie Exhibit & Shop

  • Michael Myers

    This movie exhibit and shop are a must see place if you are visiting St. Maarten! Nick Maley and his wife are very friendly. Nick is an incredible artist. He has Star Wars and fantastic original artwork for sale. He will autograph anything he sells. He even took the time to allow my family
    and I to take individual pictures with him! Every time we are visiting St. Maarten we stop in (we
    always end up buying art for our walls at home). Mr. Maley even has maps of the Caribbean
    that he will trace the path of your cruise ship in gold ink you can purchase! A must for Star Wars fans!

    • Royal PortFolio

      100% agree.

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