Harmony of the Seas

This ship is not just the biggest in Royal Caribbean's fleet, she's the largest cruise ship in the world.

Harmony Central Park Neighborhood

Harmony of the Seas’ Central Park neighborhood.

Royal Caribbean set out with a lofty goal when first conceptualizing Harmony of the Seas: to defy all expectations with a brand new, mind-blowing ship.

Mission accomplished.

Causing shock waves throughout the industry, the third member of Oasis Class launched in May 2016, proudly claiming her title as the largest cruise ship in the world. Harmony of the Seas combines the best of the cruise line’s trendsetting innovations, entertainment, and service—all designed to surprise again and again. This is not a cruise. This is a blow-your-mind, what-am-I-going-to-find sailing adventure.

“We are orchestrating a medley of new, exciting concepts with the best Royal Caribbean innovations to strike the perfect chord for adventurous vacationers. That is why we are calling our third Oasis Class ship Harmony of the Seas,” said Michael Bayley, president and CEO, Royal Caribbean International.

Ship Construction At STX France Shipyard

The ship’s bridge under construction at STX France shipyard.

Built at the STX shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France, Harmony of the Seas is a floating wonder, a testament to all that is possible when 21st-century technology collides with some of the world’s most determined and creative minds.

“We are extremely pleased with the recent success of Harmony of the Seas and take great pride in our partnership with Royal Caribbean,” said Laurent Castaing, CEO of STX France.

Entertainment, Eats & First-at-Sea Treats
For the thrill seekers, Harmony of the Seas offers a challenge only for the brave. The Ultimate Abyss, made up of two serpent-like chutes, towers more than 150 feet above sea level. Overlooking AquaTheater at the ship’s aft, the 100-foot vertical drop twists and turns at high speeds. It’s a heart-pounding thrill ride that is sure to match Harmony of the Seas’ breathtaking stature. Also onboard is The Perfect Storm, a multistory trio of waterslides snaking above Central Park, some ten decks below. Check out Splashaway Bay, a new aquatic play area for kids with water cannons, winding slides, a gigantic drench bucket, and a multi-platform jungle gym meant to keep kids busy while mom and dad relax.

For the young, and the young-at-heart, there are a bevy of activity options. Take a spin on the hand-carved carousel or get lost at the classic arcade in the Boardwalk neighborhood. It’s the perfect place for parents to grab a pick-me-up at the relocated Starbucks, while kids meet, mingle, and play at Luckey Climber, the new climbing play area.

Harmony Grease Theatre

Grease wows an eager audience.

When it comes to entertainment, two live musicals await eager fans at Harmony of the Seas 1,380-seat Royal Theater. Grease, complete with hits “Born to Hand Jive” and “Beauty School Dropout” will please Broadway aficionados with hummable tunes and mesmerizing choreography. Also headlining is Columbus, The Musical!, an original Royal Caribbean production about Marvin Columbus, Christopher Columbus’ fictitious distant cousin. The madcap, comedic romp is filled with family fun and a touch of romance. Look for Hideaway Heist and The Fine Line at AquaTheater, a mix of acrobatics, aerialists, high diving, and fun.

In terms of delectable dining, Harmony of the Seas has a Main Dining Room with two seating times. Guests can also opt for My Time Dining, where they’ll have the freedom to choose when and where they dine every night in one of the ship’s signature restaurants. These new culinary venues will have mouths watering all over the ship.

High Tech on the High Seas
Harmony of the Seas has many of the revolutionary advancements introduced on Quantum Class, including VOOM, the fastest internet at sea. Now, streaming video, staying connected with family, and uploading pictures to social media has never been faster.

“People want to be connected,” said Michael Giresi, senior vice president and chief information officer of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. “And nowhere is that more true than when they’re on vacation. Whether they’re tweeting, or Instagraming, or sharing on Facebook, they want to show pictures of the new experiences they’re having [onboard].”

And thanks to VOOM, sharing those experiences with friends and family back home has never been more hassle-free. More bandwidth on the fastest internet at sea means staying in touch is as easy as relaxing on the pool deck.

Harmony of the Seas is the product of our zealous spirit of continuous improvement, where we have combined revolutionary ship design with the technological strides that have defined the Royal Caribbean brand,” said Chairman and CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Richard D. Fain.

Harmony Voom Internet

VOOM, the fastest internet at sea, makes staying connected a breeze.

High-tech features that activate long before boarding include Cruise Planner, the online tool that acts as a personal scheduling assistant. Search, arrange, and book onboard fun up to six months before the set-sail date. Plan dinner reservations. Set spa appointments. Choose shore excursions. Use Cruise Planner online before boarding to curate each day of a dream vacation, all from the comfort of home. Once onboard the Royal iQ app—available for iOS and Android devices, and at freestanding stations around the ship—takes over for your planning needs. Access the same scheduling features that made pre-planning easy and entertaining. Check your daily agenda, make changes to the shows you’d like to attend, book reservations to restaurants, and eliminate wait times at guest services.

“In terms of our competitors, we are so far ahead,” said Michael Bayley. “This is vital for the new-to-cruise, younger demographics and people who want to engage with social media.”

Harmony Balcony

Keep in touch with friends and family on the mainland.

The technological offerings don’t stop there. More wonders dazzle guests at the Bionic Bar by Makr Shakr, where technology meets mixology. The bar has been quite the hit since it debuted on Quantum of the Seas, and it is no less impressive on her sister ship, leaving guests in awe as two robotic arms expertly mix cocktails while dancing to music.

When it comes to onboard accommodations, Harmony of the Seas offers some of the largest staterooms in Royal Caribbean’s extensive fleet of ships. And many interior staterooms are outfitted with the cruise line’s exclusive Virtual Balcony, offering real-time views of the ever-changing seascape.

Luxury That’s Anything but Boring
Royal Suite Class, a three-tiered program, fulfills every expectation for the best in luxury travel. The first of the three tiers is Star, which has the most comprehensive collection of amenities and services in the most expansive and unbelievable suites at sea. Inclusive amenities elevate every aspect of the vacation, with complimentary drinks, specialty dining, and VOOM, the fastest internet at sea. Star guests also enjoy having a Royal Genie who takes VIP status ship-wide by scoring exclusive access to the best of everything onboard. Every show. Every restaurant. Every activity.

Harmony Royal Suite

The next tier, Sky, comes with spectacular accommodations, attentive service and exclusive experiences—with a concierge included. From priority reservations at Coastal Kitchen to reserved seating in select entertainment venues. Sky guests enjoy exclusive access to the Suite Lounge and more.

Finally, Sea features a spacious suite where every detail has been carefully considered. From luxury pillow-top mattresses to bath amenities selected to make you feel at home. The indulgence extends beyond the room with evening dining at Coastal Kitchen.

With so many new offerings and amenities it’s no wonder Harmony of the Seas has already drummed-up a good share of buzz surrounding her debut. “The response to the arrival of Harmony of the Seas is staggering,” said Fain. “[It’s] eliciting excitement from eager cruisers from markets on both sides of the Atlantic.”

As the third and largest member of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class, Harmony of the Seas has already struck a loud, proud, melodious chord with the world. Now see more of what awaits you onboard.

[©Image 6 courtesy of 2011 Michel Verdure]

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    Please can you let us know if we can get Duty free drinks when we leave the ship like when you fly over seas thank you Mrs Divada Williams

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      Yes, indeed. What ports will you be visiting?

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