Instagram Wanderlust

Vicarious travel through social media.

For some, a few weeks of yearly travel is not enough to satisfy that lingering sense of ennui. They require year-round wanderlust stimulation. Social media, especially Instagram, is the perfect portal to placate a yearning for constant adventure. With thousands of accounts purely dedicated to travel photography and writing, we’ve curated a couple of feeds that sum up the essence of cultural immersion.

Royal Caribbean Outing

Royal Caribbean’s Instagram feed transports fans to destinations far from the ordinary. Look for ship spotlights, fan submissions, video highlights, and inspiring images from around the globe that are best experienced by cruise.

Humans Of NY

HumansOfNY started as a passion for street photography, but quickly morphed into a movement. This account is full of amazing street portraits accompanied by inspiring, emotional, and heartwarming stories of people from across the world. The images and tales give a daily glimpse into the quotidian lives of perfect strangers. Though mainly geared towards the streets of New York, the feed has also featured exotic locations like Pakistan.


Check out this account for pics of breathtaking destinations, behind-the-scenes photo shoots, and sparkly treasures found in Caribbean and Alaskan ports of call. Look for brilliantly curated products like exquisite jewelry, watches, and local specialties you won’t find anywhere else.


A committed non-flyer since 1995, Sherry Laskin Kennedy has traversed most of the world without setting foot on an airplane, opting to travel by rail or sail. That is a pretty impressive feat in this day and age. Currently, she is a travel writer concentrating on the cruise industry. Her mission is to entertain, inspire, and encourage fans of her Instagram feed and blog to experience the joys of cruising through her own adventures.


Afar magazine is one of the best travel publications out there. Its pages are full of rich photography aimed to inspire travel that is off the beaten path and promote immersive destinations that allow for deep cultural understanding. To Afar, travel isn’t about taking a tour on a crowded bus to family friendly locales; travel should explore the good, the bad, and the ugly. Whether meeting a local, trying new food, or just getting lost on a winding road, this Instagram account truly reflects that same carefree spirit.


Made up of globetrekkers, storytellers, and photographers, this account inspires fans to travel. Founder Zach Glassman left his career in finance to traverse the world. After a year, he came out the other end a completely different person and wanted to share his transformation with all who would listen. He created Passion Passport in 2013 with the goal to unite others through travel. He curates stunning images by photographers like Robert J Hill and Hannah Wiesner. Passion Passport is not just an Instagram account; it’s a rich community of travel lovers.


Lee Abbamonte is the youngest American to visit every single country on the planet. He is well known to travel industry insiders and is considered to be an expert in the field. Since 9/11, Abbamonte has dedicated his life to traversing the globe and chronicling his adventures on the web. Avid followers revel in his colorful descriptions of his sojourns to faraway lands.

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