Junot Díaz: This Is How You Travel

3 travel tips from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author.

Junot Diaz

1Bring books—lots of books.

“I am an insane reader. There is nothing I won’t sink my eyes into and enjoy immensely…One of the things about travel is that there’s a lot of dead time. And so I read constantly. In some ways, I kind of enjoy my time at airports because I get to polish off novels.”

2 Always carry a notebook with you.

“I have a blue covered notebook that I always feel like I get lucky on, by Apica from Japan.

3 Take the path less traveled.

“Certainly what I know works best for me is the least sexy of all, which is that you have to immerse yourself in a radical way in the local conventions. Having a breathless curiosity goes very far because it allows you to interact with the world in ways you might not have otherwise.”

Editor Dana De Greff caught up with the 21st Century’s Greatest Novelist.
Read more of what he had to say about reading, writing, and traveling.

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