Puerto Quetzal

Puerto Quetzal

This all-points tour visits La Azoteca Cultural Center and the coffee museum. Stop for photos at two churches in Plaza de Armas. Visit San Francisco Church and Convent. Wander the ruins of Capuchinas convent. Then dine at Casa Santo Domino Hotel before arriving at The Original Jade Factory. Seeing everything relevant in Antigua will be a busy day.

Cruise in comfort and take the scenic 90-minute route to Antigua. See ruins and monuments dating from colonial times. And at the Jade Museum and Factory, admire carvings, relics, and shop for jewelry. Designed for guests with limited mobility in mind.

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Making Mokha

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Bitters, People

Made from botanical ingredients, these alcoholic wonders add flair to any cocktail.

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Hologram Concert

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Hologram technology is set to revolutionize live concert going.

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Fifty yards from the cruise ship dock, and in Antigua at the at Big Green Factory, four blocks east of Parque Central.

Jade, jewelry, figurines, and replica masks.

The Quetzal.

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