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Heritage Quay, Building #3
St. John's, Antigua


2 Reviews for “Cariloha Bamboo Scarves

  • Kathy Panzner

    This scarf is wonderful. It is so soft and warm. I used it on our river cruise during Christmas. I also have the king size sheets, towels, and socks from Cariloha. I bought all of them in the islands. We have given our adult children each a set of towels. Now wait till they try the sheets. My girlfriend said, “too expensive”. I said, “you must try them”. Oops, she’s hooked. Now she’s giving them as gifts. The towels are soft and absorbent. the sheets feel like soft velvet on your skin. I love them, can’t you tell. :) Always wash in cold water, dry on low heat, and you can mix darks and lights as they don’t fade. I do a large load of just bamboo once a week. Enjoy!

    • Royal PortFolio

      Sounds luxurious. Can’t wait to try the sheets.

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