Shopping in the Ports of Call

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Souvenirs shopping, Antigua

Work a little retail therapy into your vacation. The Caribbean is known as a shopper’s paradise—and it lives up to its reputation. The ports of call are brimming with stores and boutiques selling imported luxury goods and merchandise—think: designer jewelry, brand-name watches, coveted perfumes, high-tech electronics, and more—at prices up to 50 percent less than what you’ll find at stores on the U.S. mainland.

There are many ways to say it—tax-free, duty-free, island markdowns—but it all boils down to savings. The values are so plentiful that sometimes even the savviest shopper doesn’t know where to begin. Are some islands more wallet-friendly than others? Are there any specials this week? And what’s the deal with duty-free?

Let Royal Caribbean’s Port Shopping program be your guide. It’s a comprehensive—and entirely complimentary—service with a multitude of resources available to save you both time and money in the ports of call.

“Duty” refers to a tax or fee placed on goods by the local government. On many Caribbean islands, shop owners aren’t charged a duty on goods sold to someone leaving the country. The sellers pass the savings along to their customers, which is why you can find luxury items by top brands for bargain prices at stores in the ports of call. Whether you’re buying unique gifts for family or friends or treating your deserving self to a shiny souvenir, you’ll find shopping in the ports to be easy, enjoyable, and affordable for any size budget.

And you can shop with confidence. The cruise line’s shopping experts invited only the top stores in each destination to be a part of the Port Shopping program. They are so confident in their selections that they literally guarantee any purchases made at stores listed on the official Port Shopping Map. The map will be delivered to your stateroom the night before your port visit, or you can pick up advance copies at the Port Shopping Talk, which is a must-attend for anyone planning to shop in the ports of call.

Navigate your way to the best island treasures with these three easy steps:

1Go to the Port Shopping Talk

The talk is given by your ship’s resident Port Shopping Guide, the person whose job it is to help you shop in the ports of call. These experts are excellent resources for information and insider tips, which they dole out freely at the Port Shopping Talks and special seminars. (If you’re in the market for a sparkling new object, don’t miss the Diamond & Gemstone Seminar.) You’ll learn how to get the best price for whatever it is you seek, from color-changing T-shirts to limited-edition timepieces.

Your Port Shopping Guide is also the keeper of VIP Cards, which secure an elevated level of service at select stores, and the giver of the Treasure Pack—a free book packed with island offers and giveaways. The talks typically take place on the first sea day of the cruise, but it depends on the itinerary. Check your Cruise Compass when you get onboard for days and times. If you miss the talk, you can always catch replays on Port Shopping Live!, channel 22 on your stateroom TV.

Shopping Talk

2Bring Your Port Shopping Map Ashore

Only the stores listed on the official Port Shopping Map are backed by the cruise line guarantee. The maps are delivered to your stateroom along with the Cruise Compass every night before a port visit. If you have cell service or a Wi-Fi connection, scan the QR code on the front of the map to open a handy digital version.

Shopping in the Port of Call

3Register Your Purchases

After your port shopping spree, you can easily register your purchases for complete peace of mind. See your ship’s Port Shopping Guide during desk hours (check the Cruise Compass for times and locations), or head to and fill out the online registration form.

13 Comments for “Shopping in the Ports of Call

  • Sherry Pate

    Which credit cards are excepted in Nassau and Coco Cay?

    • Royal PortFolio

      All major US credit cards are accepted in Nassau. At CocoCay, use your SeaPass for drinks and to rent snorkeling gear and beach mats. Bring cash for the Straw Market.

  • JoAnn Collepardi

    Do we shop at the port of call in hatti and Jamaica with credit cards or will we need cash? Do they accept Amex or visa or master card?

    • Royal PortFolio

      Hi JoAnn,

      In the Jamaican ports, credits cards are accepted. In Labadee, Haiti, it is probably better to have small bills, since it is a smaller crafts-style market.

      Hope you have a great trip.

  • Dorsey Harnach

    My husband and I are cruising the Eastern Carribean in about a week. This will be our first cruise, and we are not sure which currency is best for shopping in the different islands. Do the shops accept American credit cards, or is cash the best. If they need cash, will the cruise ship cash travelers checks onboard?

  • Michelle Dunham

    I’m cruising from 12/4-12/9 & Cozumel is one of the ports I’m going to. Would you happen to know if Coach has a store there? Maybe also Kate Spade or Michael Kors? Thank you in advance!

  • andrea

    Cruising on vision of the seas leaving Feb 13th. Are there any Tiffanys on our itinerary?

  • Audrey Wedick

    We are booked for the Oct. 23, 2016 cruise to New England/Canada. Are there nice little shops in the two Canadian ports? Will they still be open in October or will they be closed for the season? Thanks for your help with this.

  • Darcie White

    Hi Darcie heading there in a couple of weeks can I bring some back for you I live in Scarboro

  • Walter

    I’m heading to Falmouth on the Anthem Nov 30th, a few years ago on the Voyager I discovered Blue Mountain Coffee any suggestions as to where I can purchase a few lbs ?

    Thank you

    • Royal PortFolio

      Hi Walter,

      Yummy, love Blue Mountain coffee. We have 3 stores in Falmouth that sell Blue Mountain coffee that are backed by the cruise line guarantee: Karina’s, Rainbow Stores, and Tortuga Rum Cakes Store. Here’s a link to the Port Shopping map so you can check out their locations You’ll also receive a printed version of the Port Shopping map once on board.

      Have a great trip. Anthem is such an incredible ship.

  • Darice White

    We did a cruise a few years back & one of the included islands was Barbados. I brought back a bottle of vanilla & every-time I hear anyone going I have them to get me some, the last person I had bring it back had it in their carry on & of course had to throw it away! I’m running low now & need more, it’s called Bajan Classic Vanilla. Is there a way for me to order through RCL?
    Please & thank you!
    Darice White

    • Royal PortFolio

      Hi Darcie,
      Let the vanilla treasure hunt begin. My favorite solution would be to cruise down to Barbados today to grab one for you, but alas, duty calls here at home. We’ll do a little research and have someone get in touch with you shortly.

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