Del Sol

Heritage Quay, Building #3
St. John's, Antigua

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General Information

World’s Largest Color-Change Retailer. Just Add Sun: See all Del Sol products change vibrant colors outside in the sun. Color-Changing Apparel: Men’s, women’s, and children’s shirts, shorts, hats, and more. Solize: Polarized sunglasses with a lifetime guarantee, even if you lose them. Only $49. Free Del Sol tote bag with the purchase of any 2 T-shirts.

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2 Reviews for “Del Sol

  • Sue Baker

    I purchased a pair of Del Sol sunglasses 5 years ago in St Lucia and loved them. Last year I noticed that they no longer changed color so I dug out the warranty card that they said to keep with the number on it and picked out a new pair on their website, they sent me a new pair no questions asked and I got to keep the old pair. A new warranty card came with the new pair and you can bet I kept it also. I like my new pair just as well as the old ones.

    • Royal PortFolio

      That’s awesome! Guess that’s why they call it the WOW guarantee.

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