Harley-Davidson Cozumel

Royal Village Shopping Center
Ave. Rafael E. Melgar
San Miguel, Cozumel, Mexico

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General Information

Extensive assortment of genuine merchandise. Located at Royal Village Mall across from International Pier. Customized T-shirts, caps, shirts, key rings, and more. Welcome H.O.G. members and bike enthusiasts.

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11 Reviews for “Harley-Davidson Cozumel

  • Sarah Elliott

    I recently visited Cozumel but wasn’t able to find the store and was hoping to order a t-shirt online. Is there anyone that can assist me with this?


  • Katrina Worcester

    I recently went to Cozumel on a cruise and we tried to find the Harley Davidson store so my husband could buy a tshirt and a patch for his vest. We sadly were unable to find the shop and thought we may be able to order online but we cant find thier website. Please help

    • Royal PortFolio

      Hi Katrina,

      Oh no, we’re sorry you missed a shopping experience at the store. It looks like Harley-Davidson on Cozumel is located at the Royal Village Shopping Center, across from where the ship docks at the International Pier. http://images.portshoppingmap.com/map-coupons/royalportfolio/Cozumel-map-coupon.pdf

      We’ll share your comment and have someone get in touch to see how we can help.

  • Donna

    We are staying in the island and would like to visit your store. Can you tell me your hours, I can’t find them anywhere.

    Thank you

    • Royal PortFolio

      Hi Donna,

      The store is open Monday – Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Happy shopping.

  • Nancy

    Can I order a Harley t-shirt from Cozumel on line?

  • Eric Toops

    I was in Cozumel in early May. i stopped at the shop and asked specifically for a t shirt in size 3X that said Cozumel on it. i was really surprised when i returned toe the ship and realized that it said cancun instead, is there any way i can order one that says Cozumel?

    • Royal PortFolio

      Hi Eric,

      Sorry for that mix up. I’ve forwarded your message and someone will be in touch with you shortly. Hope you had a great cruise.

  • Sheila wilson

    We will be visiting cozumel in a couple of weeks and we would like to visit your store we will be on a cruise ship so my question is how far are you from the where the ships port? Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my email.

    • Royal PortFolio

      Hi Shelia,

      The Harley-Davidson store on Cozumel is located at the Royal Village Shopping Center, across from where your ship docks at the International Pier. Here’s a little more info to help with planning your shopping day in port. http://royalportfolio.com/article/cozumel-a-shoppers-paradise/

      Have a great trip.

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