Kay’s Fine Jewelry

King's Court Building
(Across from the Straw Market)
Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas

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General Information

Luxury with a family touch. One of the Caribbean’s largest color-stone retailers. Exclusives by in-house, private-label designer in emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and tanzanite. Colored Diamonds: Natural canary yellow, pink, brown, blue, green, black, and purple. Alexandrite, Paraiba Tourmaline, amethyst, aquamarine, ammolite, blue topaz, larimar, and zultanite. Limited Time: Buy a reversible omega necklace for $79, get a free 7 ct. quartz pendant. One of the Caribbean’s largest selections of men’s jewelry. Watches: Philip Stein, Shinola, and Seiko.

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