Viva Mexico

Ave. Rafael E. Melgar at Adolfo Rosada Salas
San Miguel, Cozumel, Mexico

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General Information

A top destination for Mexican arts and crafts and souvenirs. Talavera, finest ceramic handblown glass, pewter, and papier-mâché. Fresh, organic chocolate, vanilla, coffee, honey, and more. Get your Mexican blanket with a purchase of $50 or more.

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3 Reviews for “Viva Mexico

  • Kellie Porras

    I want a baner that says viva mexico Kellie y leo

  • Chris Nelson

    All the employees were very helpful without being pushy. I found many good items and in fact came back a second time to shop during my week stay at Cozumel. One lady, I think her name is Soledad (no.86) was very helpful and made me feel very relaxed. Thanks, again,
    for contributing to my memorable vacation at Cozumel. Chris

  • AmandA

    Can you order a Mexican survival kit and have it shipped to your house?

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