Tech Takes on the High Seas

Leaving technology on land is a bygone era of cruise line lore.

Tech On The High Seas

With Cruise Planner, Royal iQ, VOOM: the fastest Internet at sea, and a beautifully redesigned website, Royal Caribbean International has proven itself as the cruise industry’s leader in today’s technological age.

Cruise Planner

Begin planning as soon as you book.

With so much to do on a Royal Caribbean cruise, there’s no time to spare for charting a daily agenda once you board the ship. That’s why guests are singing the praises of Royal Caribbean’s pre-cruise tool. Cruise Planner makes vacation preparation as easy as a coastal breeze so you can hit the deck running on day one. Planning and personalizing on desktops and tablets is simplified thanks to the redesign, with easy menus that dive into all of the possible vacation adventures. An automated calendar populates with events and activities as you schedule them. And each day is broken down by location, date, arrival, and departure, and is color-coded based on guests in your party.

Why You will Love It

Book shore excursions, dining reservations, entertainment selections, activity appointments, spa sessions, Internet packages, and beverage package choices before you board. It even provides smart reservation recommendations.

Look Forward To

Having a personal travel agent at your fingertips, at your beck and call around the clock, electronically.


The fastest internet at sea is now a reality.

A high-speed Internet connection on the high seas is no longer a thing to dream about thanks to Royal Caribbean’s forward-thinking investment in revolutionary technology. By pairing satellites that are closer to the earth with sophisticated antennas aboard Royal Caribbean’s smartships, speeds now match that of high-speed broadband connections, fast enough to run high-definition videos. “Our new Internet capabilities allow our guests to surf, stream, and share their vacation experiences….It also allows us to provide our business clientele a new way to stay connected with their colleagues,” said Michael Bayley, Royal Caribbean president and CEO.

Why You will Love It

Stream videos, Skype calls, check emails, and post envy-inducing vacation pics in real time—because life’s greatest moments are meant to be shared.

Look Forward To

Unlimited Internet per-day packages, rather than per-minute packages, and new bandwidth capabilities similar to those enjoyed at home.

Royal iQ

Royal IQ Planning

Royal iQ Planning power at your fingertips.

The onboard app is an extension of Cruise Planner.

Plan ahead or be spontaneous, it all begins with a single tap by downloading the free Royal iQ app. Continue navigating your vacation play—all of your pre-planning travels with you, transferring automatically from Cruise Planner. And the Royal iQ app is good for more than just Type-A planners, it’s got RFID technology to track your bags in real time from the start of boarding through the last day’s departure, as well as communication capabilities for calling and messaging your onboard entourage.

Why You will Love It

Track your luggage, share your calendar, stay connected, adjust the agendas, and change your mind, all while you sun and fun on board.

Look Forward To

Future app updates with functionality to book spa treatments, schedule fitness classes, purchase beverage packages, and sign electronic waivers from anywhere on the ship.

Redesigned with you in mind.

Royal Caribbean Website

Early in 2015, rolled out a redesign that called for applause. Following the modern trend of the full-width layout, the refreshed site uses bigger pictures that are dynamic and engaging, with smaller navigation for less visual clutter. Now booking your next cruise is even easier. It’s an image-led experience that guests will also notice on fellow Royal Caribbean website, Sea Views Blog.

Why you will Love It

Giant graphics, rolling screens, and a responsive experience.

Look Forward To

As the industry’s tech leader, surfing Royal Caribbean’s websites delivers more visual and meaningful content.

[©Image 2 courtesy of 2015 Michel Verdure]

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